I. Hotel service and bed and board agreements
Hotel service is understood to be provision of overnight accommodation only.
Bed and board is a special type of agreement, requested by the guest, for provision of overnight accommodation and meals for which a flat sum is agreed.

II. Concluding the contract
If the exact period for which the guest intends to use the room is not specified in the agreement, the contract is regarded as concluded for one day.
Rooms booked by guests are available for them from 2.00 p.m. on the day of arrival to 12 noon on the day of departure.

III. Booking
The rooms which the guests has booked and undertaken to occupy are available from 2.00 p.m. on the day of arrival to 12 noon on the day of departure, said days as shown in the booking, unless otherwise agreed.
Rooms booked by the guest are held for him until 6.00 p.m. on the day of arrival, if the booking was made without a deposit. If, however, the booking was made with a deposit, the room will be held until 12.00 noon on the following day. When these time limits have passed and the guest has failed to arrive or to communicate, the hotelier has the right to dispose of the rooms.

IV. Deposit
Unless the parties agree otherwise, the deposit will be equivalent to no less than the price of three days of the agreed stay, where the stay is longer than that.

V. Arrival and departure
If the guest arrives late or leaves earlier than the date agreed, he is required to pay a penalty equal to the price of overnight accommodation only, as shown below:
- for stays of 1 day = payment of the whole price
- for stays of 2 days = payment of 1 day
- for stays of 3 days = payment of 2 days
- for stays of more than 3 days = payment of up to a maximum of 3 days

VI. Payment
The account must be paid on the day in which it is presented.
It is up to the guest, at the time of booking, to find out what methods of payment (other than in cash) are accepted by the hotel.
The account may also be in part and in this case will include only the days that the guest has already spent in the hotel.

VII. Services not used in the hotel
If bed and board has been agreed, no payment or compensation will be due for services not used in the hotel, including when such absence on the part of the guest is previously advised, unless the parties agree otherwise.

VIII. Meals included in bed and board
Unless there is a special agreement, meals are understood to be breakfast, lunch and dinner, excluding drinks and anything else that is not mentioned on the day’s menu. The hotelier is not obliged to supply meals out of set hours and/or in places other than the rooms provided; where this is possible, a supplement may be charged.

IX. Food and drink brought into the hotel by the guest
The hotelier has the right to charge for service, at the rate shown in the price list, for food and drinks brought into the hotel by the guest and consumed there.

X. Prohibitions
Using an iron and any kind of equipment for cooking is forbidden. Washing clothes and throwing refuse into the basin or in any other bathroom fitting are also forbidden.

XI. Excessive noise
The hotel management may ask the guest to stop or reduce excessive noise that may disturb other guests, including noise from radios, televisions or musical instruments. The guest is obliged to comply with such a request.

XII. Animals
The guest may not bring any animals into the hotel unless a previous agreement has been made with the management, which has the discretion to allow this and to lay down appropriate procedures.

XIII. Offence against public morality
Any offence against public morality gives the hotelkeeper the right to withdraw from the contract.

XIV. People who are not staying in the hotel
The guest has no right to allow anyone who is not staying in the hotel into his room unless he has the explicit consent of the management.